Flying Flat Throw Disc Ball with LED Light Toy


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How to Play: Before you force the ball into flying discs, use your finger to gently wipe the suction cup in the middle of the ball, so it can keep the status of the flying discs a little longer, until you throw it out.

Light induction: when exposed to external forces, colorful lights will shine, and you can play happily at night. After easy pressing, it is no longer a simple round ball, it will become a flat UFO ball. The soft rubber material is not easy to damage and can be switched freely between the two forms.

MATERIALS: Thick walls made from professional grade rubber. Professional quality with non-toxic PVC material, free of BPA & heavy rubber Explosion-proof and more durable comfortable grip, flexible material and 100% of Eco-friendly materials. Durable and not easy to damage. Ball V3 transforms from a 9" flying disc to a 6" ball. Flying-discs shape throw, becomes spherical in the air. Hand gossip a Frisbee, smooth the gossip Frisbee throw it.

Features: Throw the disc and catch the ball. The ball has a glowing light option. Press it up and down, it will lay flat under external force. Then it will restore the ball shape after leaving it or throwing it in three seconds. Its variable time-delay feature provides a surprise transformation which adds fun to gameplay or just having a catch!

Benefits: Exercise responsiveness and promote bone development. Flying balls can be decompression toys children's motor skills, making them colorful as a childhood. Suitable for people ages 3 and up, you can put it in your bag and play it at the wild beach or park. You can also train your pet dogs. Squeeze the bag, carry it easily, go there and bring it there.

Color: Blue, Pink, Green, Red
Material: Silicone
Weight: 8.7 oz

SKU: 2016855754683


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