The #SuperDeal store

DollarPlus Discount Center has been offering #SuperDeals since 2012.  Formerly known as Dollar Discount Center now DollarPlus has evolved to having two super locations in Las Vegas, NV.  Our stores focus has always been to provide customers a store with awesome prices, and with the best customer service. 

A local store in the neighborhood that brings to you a world of deals with more than just best prices but also great quality and customer service that keeps you coming back is exactly what we hand in mind when we fist conceived the store. From day one till today we have continuously strived to accomplish that just. The store aspires to construct an environment that is shopper-friendly in terms of both the design of store as well as the range and products available. All that a home needs and more is stocked for your convenience round the year with great prices.

Our number one goal, has to always provide quality products at discount prices.  When shopping at our stores we want our customers to have a wholesome shopping experience.  DollarPlus stores offer over 10,000 general merchandise items, including household, houseware, toys, health, and beauty care, party, office, hardware, and dry grocery products, all which have been handpicked and carefully selected for your needs.

Competitive price

Our pricing strategy keeps in mind giving the best possible prices. The goal was to bring products down to a compelling price that you may not find at other stores. And most importantly provide to you this service at a local, neighborhood store to maximize your convenience.

Secure Payment

Our payment process guarantees absolutely security. For any further assistance you may have to contact our store manager.

5000+ Products

We work round the clock to assemble for you an exciting product line that keeps you coming back for more with some great deals. The range of our products is unbelievably extensive and worth checking out for sure.

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